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Get your car ready for summer

June 3, 2010

Summer is here, and a lot of people worry about their car’s ability (or lack thereof) to turn heads this summer…luckily, that feat is much easier to attain than shedding off that holiday weight gain that leaves one wondering if those chocolate eclairs were really worth it…here are a few tips for keeping your car looking sharp.

-Start with a wash, but not by driving through a car wash. The car wash will actually scratch your car over time, and the “touchless” wash doesn’t clean the dirt off like a hand wash, so grab that brush and mix up a bucket of soap. Try to stay in the shade or inside, and dry the car off with a soft towel or a shammy.

-Making sure the exterior surface is cool and not in the sun, start waxing your car, going around the entire vehicle. By the time you get around the car, you’ll be ready to take it off…grab a microfiber towel, and start taking the wax off.

-Step back, and be impressed.

Such a little amount of work makes a big difference especially if you have a darker color vehicle…

Wash your car about once a month, or as needed, and put two coats of wax on during the summer to keep your vehicle’s paint looking its best.

***Do not wax your car without washing it first, waxing without a wash smears the dirt around which is essentially like taking sandpaper to your paint***

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